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Image of Path with line of trees in Walzin, Dinant, Belgium
Photo of Greg in Joshua Tree
Photo of Greg in Joshua Tree

Welcome to Wellness Researched! My name is Greg and I am the founder of this site. I live in Oakland, California. Being forced to work at home after the start of the pandemic I became interested in how I could live better. I wanted to improve my diet, the environment I worked and lived in and my spiritual and mental well being. I became overwhelmed by the amount of blogs and articles out there on these topics. The problem was that I often found conflicting information. Many articles do not cite where their claims come from and it was hard to know what to trust. I wanted to have a site that collects the latest research on wellness, highlights what we don’t know, and links to researchers and institutions that are working in this field.

Wellness Researched is that project. Here we check wellness claims against published research. The goal is to educate and become a referenced resource on what are the current best practices on how to live well. Diet, environment, and spiritual practices are all being investigated.

If you are excited about this project, have feedback, questions, or want to get involved. Please email us at feedback@wellnessresearched.com

Published on Nov 08, 2020 by Greg

Last modified on on Jan 18, 2021