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Happy New Year everyone!

Over the holiday season I have been reflecting on how I can bring value with this project. The motivation behind Wellness Researched is to provide sources to wellness claims to help the public find answers to what is the state of art when trying to live well. I spent too much time trying to create detailed summaries of research papers. Summaries so detailed that they were almost as long as the papers themselves!

I have decided that what I can do, instead, is to read each research paper I post on this site, assign it a quality score of low or high, and state the reason why I think the paper is of low or high quality. I will also continue to populate the facts section to give a quick summary of what a research paper did. In addition, I will focus as much effort on the claims section. Once I have claims evaluated for likelihood of being true, I will then write guides using the research I have collected.

If you come to this site wondering what this is, or have ideas of how I can improve it, please speak up! Your feedback is really appreciated and will help motivate me to make even more progress. Please click the feedback link in the footer to email me and let me know what you think!

Published on Jan 09, 2021 by Greg

Last modified on on Jan 10, 2021